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California Marriage License

Types Of California Marriage Licenses

There are TWO DIFFERENT Types of Marriage Licenses

Public Marriage License VS Confidential Marriage License

What Is The Difference Between A Public Marriage License And A Confidential Marriage License ?

A Public Marriage License and a Confidential Marriage License have the same final result.  After you obtain a marriage license and have your wedding ceremony, your wedding officiant will return it back to your recording office for recording.  Once your marriage license has finalized the recording process, you will be legally married.  They are both legally binding and enforcable by law for any use that you require.

Public Marriage License

Public Marriage License requires both parties to be 18 years of age.  A Public Marriage License requires One or Two Witnesses to sign the marriage license and your Officiant will sign.  You may use this license ANYWHERE IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.  Once your marriage license is recorded, it is available to anyone and anyone can request a copy of the marriage license.

Confidential Marriage License

Confidential Marriage License requires both parties to be 18 years of age, Only the Officiant and the couple will be signing the document, NO Witness required, you may use this license ANYWHERE IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.  A Confidential Marriage Licenes is NOT PUBLIC RECORD, which means ONLY THE COUPLE may obtain a copy of this license once filed and is ONLY accessible by the couple.




Confidential Marriage License are usually used if you are Law Enforcement, Attorney, Judge, High Profile Celebrity, Social Worker, and or if you need to protect your identity, this license is impossible to access a copy of, copies are only granted to the couple the license is issued to.

You may obtain your license from any County Marriage License Office and your license is valid to be married anywhere within the State of California and is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

Your Marriage License Is

  • Valid For 90 days from the date of issue
  • You may be married anywhere in the State Of California
  • No residency requirement
  • No blood test required
  • Effective immediately, no wait period
  • You must have a marriage license for your marriage to be legally recognized
  • Most Counties record your license within six (6) weeks of filing your license
  • Certified copies may be obtained from the county of issue for $15. fee per copy (fees vary by County)

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Inability To Appear Form Must Be Notarized Inside The Jail By An Authorized California Notary

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