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How To Write Your Personal Wedding Vows

The Vow Keeper Joshua Tree Wedding Officiant, Joshua Tree, Ca.

All I love, All I ever need, Is you.

Without you my love, I am lost.

Every time I look at you, I am breathless.

Every time I hold you in my arms, I feel like I am home.

I loved you yesterday.  I love you today.  I'll love you tomorrow.

Deep abiding affection, the magical and compelling shared impulse that makes us seek each other’s company, is amongst the greatest gifts of the human experience. No Matter Your Age, the BEAUTY OF LOVE is sharing it, learning from it, growing from it, and experiencing everything that LOVE has to offer. Any of us who has been fortunate enough to find and express the kind of loving devotion that you are celebrating, knows that it is an awesome and beautiful blessing.

Your spoken wedding words are the most important piece of your wedding ceremony. Your wedding words will be the foundation to build your relationship and marriage upon and are sacred to you as a couple. It should express all your feelings and thoughts about the person you are about to be joined in marriage with, and remember, these are your thoughts and promises to your spouse that you will have to uphold throughout your married life together. Speak your wedding words from your heart, say what you want to say to your partner and your wedding words will be remembered and cherished for all the days to come. 

To write the most perfect Wedding Words that best represents and reflects you

as a person and as a couple, I have a list of questions for you to reflect upon.

Answer these questions truthfully and thoughtfully.

Reach into your heart and reflect upon your journey, that has brought you to this moment.

Your heartfelt answers will help you to compose the most amazing

Wedding Words to express your LOVE and commitment on your wedding day.

Your Life Before You Met

  • Remember what your life was like before        you met
  • Reflect on what was missing in your life
  • Reflect on feeling lost or lonely
  • Tell your partner what was missing from your life and how they complete you

Meeting The LOVE Of Your Life

  • Give details about how you met
  • Where did you meet
  • When did you meet
  • How did you feel when you first met
  • What traits did you notice first, that made you attracted to your partner
  • Note your similar values and shared interests
  • Share thoughts from a special date
  • What did you see in your partner that made you want more
  • Express gratitude to the person that introduced you to your partner

The Vow Keeper Joshua Tree Wedding Officiant, Joshua Tree, Ca.

Tell Your LOVE Story

  •  Express details of your LOVE story​
  • What made you fall in LOVE with your partner
  • How long did it take for you to fall in LOVE
  • When did you know that you were in LOVE  with your partner
  • When did you know that you wanted to spend  the rest of your life with your partner
  • What was it that made you decide to get married
  • How, when and where did you propose marriage

Memories And Emotions

  • What is your most favorite memory of your partner
  • Think about what would make your partner  laugh or be joyful
  • Think about what would make your partner cry
  • Use phrases from songs, poems, scriptures and movies that you love and share together, use what inspires you
  • Share a special memory of your relationship
  • Embrace sentimentality

Extended Family

  • Embrace your partner's children and make promises to them
  • Embrace your partner's family members and express what they mean to you
  • Express what it means to you to be joining     their family
  • Embrace the family pet

The Vow Keeper Joshua Tree Wedding Officiant, Joshua Tree, Ca.
The Vow Keeper Palm Springs Wedding Officiant, Palm Springs, Ca.

Personal Feelings

  •  How does your partner make you feel when   you are together
  • How does it feel when you are away from      each other
  • Talk about how your partner embraces you as     a person
  • What hard times have you been thru that brought you closer together
  • What do you respect most in your partner
  • What inspires you about your partner
  • What is it that makes you feel complete with your partner in your life
  • Describe what you love about your partner
  • Describe what you love about being together
  • Show gratitude about your partner sharing     your lives together
  • Keep it light hearted and a little humorous without embarrassing your partner
  • What would your life be without your partner    in your life
  • Celebrate each other’s differences
  • Express your love for your partner, Say              “I LOVE YOU”
  • Share the good and the bad of your relationship
  • What do you miss most about your partner when you are apart
  • Express your LOVE and gratitude for this person in your life
  • Make a list of your favorite qualities
  • What do they do that makes you laugh and LOVE them even more

The Vow Keeper Joshua Tree Wedding Officiant, Joshua Tree, Ca.

Reflections On Married Life

  • What does marriage mean to you
  • Why do you want to be married to this person
  • What will change in your relationship after you are married
  • What will stay the same after you are married
  • Talk about your journey together as a married couple
  • Talk about your hopes and dreams for your marriage
  • Talk about your commitment to your marriage

Promises        Goals        Aspirations

  • Talk about your future together
  • Talk about your similar goals
  • What is the most important promise you want to make to your partner
  • Promise your fidelity to your partner
  • Promise your LOVE to your partner
  • Don’t make promises you have no intention of keeping
  • Always speak your promises, goals and aspirations from your heart

Don't Wait Till The Last Minute

Set Aside A Time To Compose Your THoughts And Feelings

  • Find a special quiet place to think it all over
  • Put on your favorite music to help inspire your thoughts and feelings
  • Relax and give yourself enough time to do this task
  • Make your favorite beverage or snack
  • Take time to write down all of your thoughts and feelings
  • Prioritize your thoughts and feelings
  • Need more inspiration, refer to The Vow Keeper’s Wedding Ceremonies

The Vow Keeper Joshua Tree Wedding Officiant, Joshua Tree, Ca.
The Vow Keeper Joshua Tree Wedding Officiant, Joshua Tree, Ca.

Once You Have Thought It All Out

Put It Down On Paper

  • Write a draft and then re-write your draft and re-write it again, practice makes pure perfection
  • Give yourself time to reflect about what you have written
  • Practice reading your wedding words out loud
  • Ask a special friend or family member to listen to what you have written and involve them                      in the editing process
  • Keep your wedding words a secret surprise, only to be heard by your partner on your wedding day
  • Make a clean handwritten or typed copy of your wedding words
  • Select a type font that is large enough and easy to read for you
  • Your final draft of your wedding words can be written in a special journal or pretty piece of paper        that you can treasure for a lifetime together
  • Don’t compare notes with your partner
  • Don’t memorize your wedding words, you do not need the added stress
  • Don’t put your wedding words on your phone or electronic device, the battery might fail on                your most important day, also, electronic devices can cast a reflection on your face which                     will show up in your wedding photos
  • Do Give a copy of your wedding words to your Best Man, Maid Of Honor, Officiant or family member for safe keeping, in case you forget your copy on your wedding day, always have a backup                 copy available to you

The Vow Keeper Joshua Tree Wedding Officiant, Joshua Tree, Ca.

I Would Like To Leave You With One Last Thought

I would like to talk about being married for a very long time, which is one of my favorite things.

But instead, I want to talk about another one of my favorite things....Cars....

specifically classic cars, because being married for a very long time is like owning a classic car.

I think about this when I look at my husband of over 30 years together.

When you have a classic car, you don't take it for granted.

You don't assume it is always gunna work.

You gotta take care of it.

You gotta tinker with it.

You have to listen to it.

It's not a lot of work, but you do it every day.

And those days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into years, 

and if you are really lucky they turn into decades.

That car is going to run like a it was brand new....and when everyone sees it....

they will all say....I sure wish I had one of those !!!!

Warmest Wedding Wishes, The Vow Keeper

The Vow Keeper Joshua Tree Wedding Officiant, Joshua Tree, Ca.
The Vow Keeper Twentynine Palms Wedding Officiant, Twentynine Palms, Ca.
The Vow Keeper Joshua Tree Wedding Officiant, Joshua Tree, Ca.
The Vow Keeper Pioneertown Wedding Officiant, Pioneertown, Ca.
The Vow Keeper Pioneertown Wedding Officiant, Pioneertown, Ca.
The Vow Keeper Pioneertown Wedding Officiant, Pioneertown, Ca.